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[IT서비스] 블룸버그 Equity Data Specialist (6M) ~ASAP

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[IT서비스] 블룸버그 Equity Data Specialist (6M) ~ASAP


● 채용공고 관련 양식:

1. 채용공고 링크: https://bit.ly/3UHx00g

2. FCB 금융학회 그룹 링크: http://bit.ly/3UZCV0V



Runs on data, and our Global Data team acquires and supplies it to our clients. Teams work to collect, analyse, process and publish the data which is the backbone of our iconic Bloomberg Terminal – the data which ultimately moves the financial markets.

We are seeking a number of highly motivated individuals with a background in finance to work with our team for 6 months. You will be working as a dispatched worker at Bloomberg in Korea. Contract will be administered by third-party vendor as a dispatched worker arrangement with Bloomberg. This is a great opportunity for graduates of finance, accounting, economics or a related discipline to begin their finance career.


[Job Description]

Job title: Bloomberg Equity Data Specialist (6 Month)

The project will involve working with Company Financials team and analyzing company financial statements as well as broker estimate data in order to identify specific data points and process them in the internal system. Strong research and analytical skills are required for this role.

We are looking to fill up 2 headcounts for this role.



– Sourcing and validating raw data as well as doing data quality checks

– Analysing company financial statements and identifying specific data points

– Updating and processing data onto the database adhering to time sensitivity

– Maintaining and enhancing existing database

– Creating training manuals and developing quality control processes

– Applying problem-solving skills to enhance processes and software

– Take ownership and be proactive with key areas of responsibilities



– Bachelor or/and Master degree in Business, Finance, Accounting, Economics or equivalent work experience

– Fluency in English and Korean

– Proficiency in Microsoft Excel

– Prior experience / strong knowledge and understanding of the financial markets

– Open to students that is still in school but on last semester only.




– 입사예정: 10월 초중순 (ASAP)

– 급여조건: 회사 내규에 따름

– 근무형태: Manpower 소속 파견계약직 6개월 (퍼포먼스에 따라 계약연장 가능, 정규직 전환 사례 有)

– 근무장소: 서울특별시 중구 을지로

– 근무시간: 주5일(월~금) 08:00 ~ 17:00

– 복리후생: 4대보험, 연차, 생일/명절선물, 경조 휴가/경조금, 우수 근무자 포상 등



– 제출 서류: Ms-Word 파일의 영문 이력서

– 이메일 지원: yoni.oh@manpower.co.kr

– 이메일 제목 및 파일명: E_지원자 영문성명 이니셜

(예. E_YH Oh)

– 진행절차:

  1. R1 Resume Apply
  2. R2 Phone screen by HR
  3. R3 Zoom interview 
  4. Background check (Taking about 3 weeks)
  5. Offer Letter

– 담당자 : 스태핑솔루션사업부 오연희, 02-6420-0374

** 지원자격 준수 및 계약기간 완수 가능하신 분만 지원 부탁드립니다.

*** 본 채용건에 지원하는 경우, 개인 정보 제공에 동의하는 것으로 간주합니다


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